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SMART Equipments (P) Ltd

Khasra No 38, Lane No 1

Dabri, N.Delhi - 110045


Ph : +91-11-25395640, 41

Fax: +91-11-25395637



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Smart Equipment offerings... Defining Benchmarks for Quality weighing scales & Accessories


Jewellery / Laboratory Scales

Table Top, Desk Scale
Price Computing Scale

Table Top Scales

Mini Scale for kitchen, personal, retail - low resolution weighing
Platform Scales available in steel, stainless steel designs
Tank weighing, Silo Weighing, Lives Stock weighing scales. Also available in custom size platforms


Test Equipment for measurement & analysis of load, force, pressure displacement etc. UTM, Button Snap Pull Testing, Spring Testing Machines
Complete range of loadcells for weighing & industrial applications.



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Johri Precision Balance
Johri Precision Balance



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