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Milk Weighing - Milk Weighing Scale with Weigh Bowl

  • Versatile design It consist of three parts consisting of : Weigh Bowl, Mechiencal holder with load cells and digital indicator. Any part of scale may be purchased separately and fitted to your own custom built unit.
  • Built tough: Stainless steel claded construction. All the load cells are completely sealed for moisture and dust, ensuring a long service life.
  • Available in Standard Sizes & Custom Sizes: Large model 500 kg and smaller model 250 kg. Also any other sizes suitable for customized applications can be made.
  • Total Accuracy: The total accuracy single load cell system cancels outside, end and torsional forces to provide a true measurement of downward load. Fully electronic design eliminates moving parts which are subject to wear and mis-adjustment. Maintains consistent accuracy regardless of temperature variations within permissible range.
  • Microprocessor based indicators: Scales may be equipped with a choice of easy to read indicators which offer a variety of options including remote display and computer interface.




Livestock Weighing / Animal Weighing


SMART Digital Livestock Scales are heavy duty electronic load cell based weigh scales, available in various sizes & capacities, and cover a variety of weighing applications.


All Weather Use: The all steel construction of the scale provides the ruggedness & sterdiness in the structure for trouble free and long life operation. Load cells are sealed using rubber epoxy coated for permanent outdoor installation. There are no moving parts to wear out, and no costly maintenance.


Easy Read Digital Indicator: The Digital Indicator features a large LED readout that's easy to read from a far distance. The weight is displayed in kgs. It operates on 220v AC power or use the optional 12v Battery backup. A computer hookup is optional, allowing you to add the LiveStock Management System software at any time.



Innovation in Design: Load Bars are designed to provide a solid scale base by eliminating platform movement that could frighten livestock. Entry & exit gates on the front and back side. A suitable anti skid ramp to help easy entry and exit of the animal.


Factory Calibration: Calibrating and balancing at the factory eliminates installation errors and the need for an installation technician. Install the scale, press the Zero button, and you're ready to weigh your livestock. This also allows you to compensate for manure, mud, or snow build-up.




  • Includes one pair of weighbars and a digital weight indicator
  • 15-20 ft of Indicator cable
  • Factory Pre-Calibrated
  • Computer / Printer output optional
  • Usable for sheep, cattle, horses
  • Single / multiple animal design





SMART - WeighBridge


SMART Fully electronic weighbridge are rugged, tough and built to last. The maintenance-free systems are optimally designed for better stability, repeatability and zero temperature drift in operating condition. The entire platform and structural frame work is fabricated with mild steel of high tensile strength. The load cells are hermetically sealed for applications in rugged, wash-down environments. They are also compensated for a wide temperature range to suit harsh weather conditions. Available in pitless & pit type design.

Various Capacities available are as follows :-
Capacity Platform size Least Count Accuracy
30 ton 8 x 3 m 5 Kg + / - 5 Kg
4 0 ton 9 x 3 m 5 Kg + / - 5 Kg
5 0 ton 12 x 3 m 5 Kg + / - 5 Kg
8 0 ton 16 x 3/18 x 3m 10 Kg + / - 10 Kg
10 0 ton 9 x 3 m x two modules 10 Kg + / - 10 Kg





Silo / Tank Weighing


The SMART silo/tank weighing solutions use the latest double ended shear beams for compression designs or 'S' type loadcells for tension weighing, provides a low profile, sealed weighing assembly ideally suited for medium to high capacity tank and hopper scales and all types of process weighing/control in most types of industries and environments.

The uniform design allows the assembly to be bolted to the floor or structural support and the tank support without requiring additional mounting plates, load buttons, safety stops or attachment hardware for checking.




  • Capacities 100kg - 50Tons
  • Tension / Compressions designs depending on application
  • Remote Display option
  • Multiple weighing conversion units.
  • Two different types of loadcells can be used in tank weighing applications - Compression Type and S-Beam Tension Type.



Powder & Bulk Processing Medium to High capacity Tanks & Hoppers Food & Beverage Handling
Mixing, Blending & Batching Level & Inventory Control Hostile Environment
Chemical Plants Process Weighing Tank/Silo Weighing



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