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Brake Paddle force Testing


SMART offers paddle force testing equipment to measure the paddle force a driver must apply to the brake pedal to stop an automobile. To do this, a load cell is affixed to the brake pedal's upper surface. A test technician then applies a force with his/her foot. Another load cell is sandwiched between the brake shoe and the drum.

The force applied at the pedal is compared to the force generated at the drum and to manufacturing tolerances to determine if adjustments need to be made. The hydraulic controls of the automobile can then be adjusted to insure that with a given driver force, an appropriate force is generated at the brake pad that will allow the automobile to brake safely.






Universal Testing Machines (UTM)


Smart manufacturer of materials testing equipment including tensile testing machines (up to 300kN force), and software for evaluating the mechanical and physical properties of materials, components and finished products in many industries worldwide. We provide full material test capabilities including; tensile strength (pull), compression or crush, flexural or bend, creep and relaxation, friction or slip, adhesion or peel, food texture analysis, cyclic fatigue, tear, snap on and off, shear, ductility and insertion ...and more!


Naming a few industries benefitting from our machines: general quality, plastics, rubber, packaging, food, medical and pharmaceutical, metals, electronics, engineering, education, adhesives, paper, textiles, ceramics, construction, automotive and aerospace.






Button Snap Testing Machine


Our BST series of Digital Button Snap testing machines are designed for testing wide range of apparel accessories, including, but not limited to buttons, snaps, rivets, Coat Buttons, Bows etc.
Using a combination of quality engineering and advanced technology Smart Equipments delivers BST series of SMART – Digital Button Snap / Pull Strength Testing machines that are accurate and simple to use. Moving away from using the traditional mechanical force gauge SMART offers digital display of force in multiple units of measure. The data shown in the display can be captured in real-time showing the test curve of the specimen under test. The machines are available in both motorized and non motorized models The control unit features dedicated push buttons for moving the cross head up, down and stop & tare. These machines talk directly with a standard PC running our Windows based analysis software via the high speed RS-232 interface. The machines come with multiple grips to test different test samples of buttons, rivets, bows, snaps etc. The BST series can be customized with specimen grips and fixtures allowing the selection of an ideal configuration for your application.



  • Machine Capacity: 12 kg, 25 kg 50kg. Custom Capacity also available
  • Digital readout of force in Kg or Pounds
  • Peak Load Monitoring (Peak load attained can be viewed by pressing a button)
  • Multiple grip attachments for different types of buttons viz Rivets, Coat Buttons, Shirt Buttons, Bows etc
  • Heavy Duty Structure for machine stability
  • PC Control via high speed RS232 / USB interface
  • Motorized Control using high torque servo motors with adjustable travel limits.



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